Hoi An, Vietnam

Travel is therapy for those little-used muscles that can atrophy in the sameness of home.

New languages, tastes, sights and bus seats.  Hostels, hammocks or homes. The screw-ups, the mishaps.

All the “Hi, nice to meet you, ” moments book-ended by “Sorry, we don’t have your reservation ” and “You’re kidding. NOW what?

Every one a workout for the mind, body and certainly, positively, absolutely—the spirit.

Travel can shape you in obvious ways. Like the way you can say hello and thank you in another language or how you can live with less and make closing your backpack much easier.

When those muscles flex, they add a layer of depth to your character, your personality, your world view.  And the thing is you might only realize it when you find yourself telling a story that begins with Oh, I remember this one time…

I’ve traveled for while now and find inspiration to continue in people I meet, like the backpacking couple in their 70s in Peru who told me they “save the easy countries for our 80s”.

It’s a big adventure buffet out there. Hopefully you’ll go back for seconds and need a bigger plate when you do.

~ Aimee

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